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René Lalique remains one of the most popular sculptors of the Art Deco period, and glass aficionados and amateur collectors alike continue to marvel at the grace, magnificence and accuracy of his creations the world over. A significant contributor to the Art Deco movement, his penchant for innovation and eye for style made Lalique one of the premier craftsmen at the Paris Exhibition of 1925.

After the death of Rene Lalique in 1945, his son Marc took over the operation of the company and changed the way the pieces were signed. He also changed the material from glass to a heavier leaded crystal. Because 1945 also marked the end of World War II, pieces made during the lifetime of Rene Lalique are sometimes just called pre-war pieces, in addition to R. Lalique pieces. Pieces made after the war (after the death of Rene Lalique) are referred to in many ways including Lalique Crystal, Lalique France, Cristal Lalique, modern pieces, or simply post-war. Post-war pieces include reproductions in crystal of original Rene Lalique glass designs. However in the vast majority of instances, these post-war crystal reproductions were marked to indicate they are post war manufacture and not original R. Lalique pieces.


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